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Frequently Asked Questions - Sewer Bill Statements

  • What is the bill statement cycle?

    • Sewer bills are processed monthly, reflecting the previous month's usage and based on the customers average winter usage. Normally the bill statements are completed and sent in the mail within the first 3 or 4 business days of the month.
  • When are payments due?

    • Payments are expected on receipt of the bill statement, however a Due Date is indicated. Any payment received past the Due Date will incur a late charge and services will be disconnected if timely payments are not made.
  • Why is my sewer bill separate from my water bill?

    • Contractual changes with the American Water Works Company, Inc, have resulted in most municipalities printing and mailing their own sewer bill statements. Therefore, customers will receive two bills, one for water usage and a second for sewer (based on water usage).
  • Where do I get help with my bill statement?

    • Calling Customer Service at 1-800-955-6598 will put you in contact with a Customer Service Representative who will be able to answer your questions.
  • How do I make changes to my account?

    • Changes to your account, including name changes, bill to: address changes, canceling service, water leaks, other water related emergencies, etc., are handled directly by the Illinois American Water 1-866-430-0820 and/or
  • Who do I contact for non-billing questions and/or concerns?

    • You can contact the City of Terre Haute at 1-800-955-6598.
  • I am going on vacation for an extended time, can I make advance payments?

    • You are welcome to make advance payments or payments over the amount due. These payments will be reflected on your normal monthly bill statements.
  • Where can I go to make payments?

    • Using the return envelope with a check payment is the easiest way to make a payment. You can also make online payments using links on the City of Warrensburg website, establish an auto-draft account, make walk-in payments at specific locations indicated in newsletters and direct mailings.